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i’ve been waiting so long..

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Tuesday, May 20, 2003 at 1:46 pm by flerly.

.. to be where i’m going

So, I’m gonna go a day early. Instead of leaving after work on Thursday, I’m going to leave after work tomorrow, and just come back a day sooner. That makes more sense anyway, giving me another day in Bristol to help get things ready for the wedding. Angle’s plans changed, and their flying out to honeymoon on Sunday morning anyway, so I might as well head on back that day as well. That’d gimme a Sunday night and a Monday off with JamesT, which sounds nice.

Oh my god.. people.. leave me the heck alone. YES, I missed cheese. YES, I ended up with McDonalds. It is not in my job description to go to lunch with you every day, as I’m really not that entertaining.

Anyway.. sent out a notice that I was leaving a day early this week and for people to inform me of priority stuff for this week… and well, it seems that solicited a pile of work from people paranoid to get things done. I’m like.. People, an extra day gone this week means I’ll be here an extra day next week instead, but.. blah.. they don’t get it.

C’est la vie. And now, to say good morning to my little Nicotine patch wearing friend in Hawaii. No, he doesn’t smoke. He’s wearing the patches to help him stay awake to study at night. No, you don’t have to tell me how mental that is. I am aware.

[14:51] Kim J: Paul Hatcher came to me this morning like i knew he would to ask if i was confident that if i took my two vacation days this week that all the new site stuff would still get done on time.
[14:52] Kim J: he just took a week off. jonthan is taking a week off. i didnt hear anyone SUGGEST they reschedule their days… i think i’ll take mine.
[14:52] Jason Churchill: and you said, ‘no’, and I’ll see you next tuesday, right?
[14:53] Kim J: i told him it didn’t matter if i thought stuff would get done, that i could NOT reshedule because i had wedding obligations, and i would get done what i get done
[14:53] Jason Churchill: good for you
[14:53] Kim J: i’m just pissy he asked.
[14:53] Jason Churchill: rightfully so


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