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hey look, it’s nearly 10:30

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Thursday, May 29, 2003 at 10:43 am by flerly.

I was running so late I decided to say “fuck it” and stop for breakfast (and lunch). Burger King, sourdough breakfast sandwiches being the lowest carb fast food alternative that was handy, I got two, so I can nibble one at the desk for lunch.

Haven’t slept for shit this week. Up until nearly 5 am the night before last, then wide awake by 5 am this morning, thanks to what we shall call “the ornery contact lens incident.” Those incidents always happen when you’ve been thinking about the possibility of such things happening. Allow me to walk you through how the mind works…. in bed, watching Adult Swim, reading the new “card” format of their advertising, which is simple white lettering on black backgrounds, and notice that the white is bleeding out onto the screen and that the contrast or brightness or something probably needed to be adjusted on that tv. At first I had considered that the effect might just be blurring from tired eyes and worn contacts, which led me to recall that I am wearing my last pair of contacts. I made a mental note to remember to buy some more this Friday (payday), and until then to perhaps hunt down my glasses, in case of contact emergency. But, of course, I was in bed. I fell asleep and did no such thing.

That would have to be the night that I manage to fall asleep with at least one eye not completely closed, leading me to wake up at about 5 am with a crusty lump in my left eye that used to be a contact lens. I rush to the bathroom and begin to drown my eye in saline to try to salvage the thing, and of course, manage to wash it from my eye…. which I only notice after I think I’ve gotten it softened up, then actually try to focus on things and realize that eye is totally blurry. I check the floor, I check the sink, then I begin to rummage around in my eye, picking up my eyelid, trying to see if I had rolled it up in my eye (I HATE it when that happens). It’s no where to be found. So, probably not with the best judgment at 5 am, I pick up one of my contact cases, which I’m fairly certain have an old pair of contacts still in them, and proceed to replace the one in my left eye that I’ve lost. All’s well, I can see again (mostly), as the old crappy contact is better than no contact, and I just can’t stand to wear my glasses to work. Satisfied, I take a last glance in the mirror and there I spot the missing contact at last… stuck way over on my right shoulder (how the?!?).. and immediately comes to mind the phrase.. “if it had been a snake…” So, well, just tired of digging around in my eye for the night, I put the wily culprit in a contact case, drown it in solution, and then become very aware at just how totally awake I now am.

Oh well. JamesT was still up anyway, so I decided to go hang out with him until time for work. Not that I don’t love ya baby, but I really don’t want to make this a trend.

Anyway.. time to organize and get back into work. Gonna be another long day.


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