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Jason takes a risk…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Thursday, May 29, 2003 at 2:31 pm by flerly.

Yesterday he tells me he helped a pretty asian girl that could have been one of the twins from Austin Powers movie get her bike into the elevator at work. I gripe at him for not making conversation or asking for a phone number….

So.. today he apparently learns…

[14:01] Jason Churchill: god, i’m still shaking. i can barely write.
[14:01] Kim J: eh?
[14:02] Jason Churchill: it turns out that either fuk yu or fuk mi is really named Rie, and she needs help learning English.
[14:02] Jason Churchill: ree-ah
[14:03] Kim J: so you meet again
[14:03] Jason Churchill: my heart is pounding like I just smoked a crack ball
[14:03] Jason Churchill: 🙂
[14:03] Kim J: you’re so cute.
[14:03] Kim J: so what happened? tell all!
[14:04] Jason Churchill: well, I got on the elevator, and there was a black couple visiting. I recommended they take a surf course, and assured the lady that she would do well (i told her about Greg & Jennifer)
[14:04] Jason Churchill: I hit the lobby button
[14:05] Jason Churchill: on the way down, the doors open, and there she is, with her huffy mountain bike. god she is gorgeous.
[14:05] Jason Churchill: she gets off (not like that) on the 4th floor, and so do I.
[14:06] Jason Churchill: The black fellow says, “Wait, this is the fourth floor, weren’t you going to the lobby”
[14:06] Jason Churchill: I say, “Not without her phone number”
[14:06] Jason Churchill: Then I just blurt out words, I can’t really remember them, but they included, “I saw you yesterday, and I could have kicked myself for not getting your phone number”
[14:07] Jason Churchill: But, in all honesty, I’m not sure how much of the conversation she understood. I tried to talk slow, but I was so nervous
[14:08] Jason Churchill: So, upon not receiving her phone number, I dug out a pad of paper & a pencil, and wrote down my name & phone. While doing so, she came up with a brilliant line (I sure wish I’d thought of it). “So, what’s your name?”, she said.
[14:08] Jason Churchill: that’s pretty much it
[[14:09] Jason Churchill: I’ll never hear from her again
[14:09] Kim J: silly boy. sounds like you did well.
[14:09] Jason Churchill: My cell number is long distance, so if I do hear from her, she’s going to be pissed at me when she sees her phone bill
[14:10] Jason Churchill: and I was so nervous that, even though I double checked my phone number, I still probably wrote it down wrong


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