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I spoke too soon…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Monday, June 2, 2003 at 11:02 am by flerly.

Looks like we’re getting a thank you lunch today at Los Reyes. Good thing I did pack lunch. Grumble.

Oh, and did I mention the “average sized” spider that had made himself a home in my discarded diet coke can which was sitting on my night table? First, to explain, let me say, I am crazy “take a drink to bed” girl, as every night I walk up stairs with SOMETHING in my hand to finish it off before I go to sleep. As such, I usually gather a little group of 4-5 glasses and the occasional can on my nightstand, that I will end up clearing away all at once, usually on the weekend. So, I know that can hadn’t been there for more than two or three days… yet, when I carried it down to the sink yesterday, and turned it up to pour out what little coke was left, I washed out what I saw as a great big black spider, much too big for my comfort, to have taken up residence in the can at my bedside for the week. I’m sure I overreacted, exclaimed all this to James with a squeal, then poked and washed him down the disposal drain. James, of course, saw the offending arachnid and declared that he wasn’t very big at all, though he agreed not tiny. We decided on average-sized, and thus all further explanations have included that terminology.

That James, he’s a stickler.

Cannot believe that tomorrow JamesT’s family will be in town for dinner and Fleetwood Mac concert with us. I’m so excited! Tonight… must clean more, investigating with care all discarded diet coke cans around the premises, and must also catch the season finale of Six Feet Under that I first missed (due to Hot Shots Golf 3) and later due to my three hours sleep catching up with me.

Ugh.. anyway. Somebody expects me to keep up the work pace today. Had a very long vent session with JamesT about work this weekend which I’d love to just paste in here for posterity, but I haven’t decided if it needs to be edited and left public or just dropped in for friends.


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