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and you don’t seem to understand…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Wednesday, June 4, 2003 at 9:34 am by flerly.

Wednesday. right?

Ugh. Yesterday was slow. It just baffles me how much work crap accumulates over a single day. With me clearly not turning out as much stuff as is coming in daily, it’s getting overwhelming. And now, I can’t save things to my work drive. What’s up with that.

So, I neglected to do it because we went to the concert last night, which was wonderful, but at which I started feeling pretty crappy. Just a little light-headed and mostly tired. When we got home I tried to shower before bed, but was feeling dizzy in there, too (read: tried to rip the shower curtain down). Anyway, I lay down, fell instantly asleep for like.. an hour, then woke up sweating and feeling so nauseous. Not sure what was in my stomach to come up, but it sure wanted to try.

Isn’t this pleasant.

Anyway, can’t get into work drive, still feeling week and a little woozy this morning, I just wrote work to tell them I’d be at home another day. I have SO much stuff to do, including being fairly screwed if I can’t get these graphics uploaded soon, that I may end up with a freshly burned cd and trekking my way up to the office today.

I really hope not. Feel like crap.


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