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Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Thursday, June 5, 2003 at 10:02 am by flerly.

My stomach muscles still ache from the other night. What a workout. Perhaps I should eat bad food more often… not only does it not stay in my stomach, but look how the purging process tones! Ugh.. ewww.. ick. The possible side effects of the diet pill I’ve been taking are dry mouth and nausea, and I have to say that ever since day one, every little thing in my stomach makes me just queasy enough to not want more food. Interesting food consumption control. So, to test whether I’ve just been a victim of this pill induced nausea, I’ve stopped taking them for the day to see if it will go away.

Strangest dreams last night where I was riding shotgun while JamesT was driving all over creation like a mad man. At first I thought I was dreaming about Rally Car racing, but then as I looked out the windows we were going through towns and on interstates and busy streets, but he was just managing to find his way through everything without slowing down. I didn’t have to do anything to help him navigate, I was just a passenger. When I realized that I started focusing out the window at the people, and soon found that they would all try to make eye contact with me. They were all moving in a strange slow motion and seemed to be trying to mouth some message to me as I passed. Never did figure out what it was.

Oh well. This horrible, depressing, stressing, anxiety inducing job calls. Trying to figure out how to ask for a meager raise, btw.


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