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I asked for a 13, but they drew a 31

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Saturday, March 9, 2002 at 12:01 am by flerly.

Well, just to report. Got the ink done. Turned out better than I’d hoped for. Only mildly painful getting it. ALMOST the worse part was having to sit “still” for the hour in a fairly uncomfortable position. Note for the future, consider WHERE you are getting that tattoo and how you will have to SIT while you get it. The verdict: I’d do it again… it’s just a matter of picking the designs and saving the money, now. Although, I THINK the next investment is gonna be the eyebrow, I’m thinking the left one. Anybody know any connotations of doing that which I should be aware of? (Having 80s flashbacks about the “Which ear is gay” controversy.)

In other news, I am still employed. Got an immediate increase in my bonus percentage. Got the okay to order new equipment. Got the okay to ask for training available in the engineering department. AND Got to sit for half an hour and listen to the CEO tell me how valuable I am and his “goals” for me in the future… becoming the “face” of engineering that Comstock puts toward customers. Proposed work at home schedule was vetoed, but the concept wasn’t forbidden. That’s for me and Operations to work out, but CEO wants office time every day. Was also told my name is first on the list of raises this November at annual review time for the maximum increase…. i.e.. another 3%. Whoooooopie.

So.. still working there. Got handed a few interesting projects yesterday and today that will keep me occupied for a bit, but still got that resume ready and circulating. Sent it out to eight or so places last night, actually. I still wish I was making more there, but I guess after the meeting, my pride is still sorta intact.

Last but NOT least… just a “funny thing that happened”. Overheard BS consultant I can’t stand being quite rude, in my opinion, to friend/coworker today. Apparently BS loaned friend a book on body building, then commented that he apparently hadn’t been using it, THEN commented that the guy needed to let BS take him to gym everyday and work off that flab before beach weather set in. Friend laughed it off, but man, I think I would have told him to fuck off. I was also overcome with thoughts of how gay his offer sounded…. i’ve always wondered about BS, though.. he IS married with children.

Anyway… either from stress release at having it done, the three Tylenol I took beforehand, or the kava kava enhanced “Fruit-2-O” water I had during, but I am powerful sleepy, and will now proceed to go read until I crash, which should be about 4.6 seconds.

Many many more thanks than I can actually write here to sweetie for the “rite of passage” card and gift to commemorate the tattoo, and also to my now very sleepy sweetie, who cut his sleep schedule short today to “hold my hand” through the process. It meant a lot.



  1. signde has made a Comment

    i want my eyebrow done again so bad… as far as which side there are no connotations that i’m aware of.

    March 8, 2002 @ 4:40 pm

  2. anonymous has made a Comment

    Cool. Glad to hear it wasn’t too painful. Dennis says there’s no “things” about which eyebrow you pierce. He says he was sure to look into that before he had his done. He went with the norm and had the right one done. For the record, that’s my least favorite of his piercings. But that’s just me. I suppose he likes it alright. 🙂

    Yeah for you! I still want one…I just can’t seem to decide on a
    design…..oh well.

    March 9, 2002 @ 7:19 am

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