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Whoa.. who went and made this Monday again..

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Wednesday, June 18, 2003 at 10:40 am by flerly.

Good morning. It’s a quarter ’til nine not eight when I realize I’m not really awake, and instead am semi-dreaming thru a large number of snoozes. Get up (sleeping on wet hair is bad, mmkay), tame the mane, dress up (which I have to do for the week), and race downstairs to find a torrential downpour causing a river to flow between the front door and the car. Gonna be a fun drive.

Ooh! ooh! It is a fun drive. For the second trip between the job and the house I am feeling overcome with road rage, even though it is too foggy to really see the people I am cussing at.

Get to work.. it’s nearly 10.. again.. and on one of those “we’ve got big-wigs/ must be dressed up” days. Not good. So, I manage to sneak in the back without drawing too much attention to myself, get to my desk, fire up the PC, stash the rain coat, and take off to fetch coffee.

There’s only Rebecca in the break room, I’m still home-free. She starts talking wedding plans, so I start trying to make a fresh pot of coffee and talk at the same time… not the best idea, since I manage to notice at the last moment that the nearly empty pot of coffee I was about to brew more into is actually full of coffee grounds, so I duck over to the sink to pour and rinse it out… and when I say “at the last moment” I mean.. I already hit the brew button. I’m still talking, and next thing I know I hear “sizzle sizzle” of coffee pouring full-speed onto a hot plate instead of into a pot. Go figure–that’s what happens when you’re holding the coffee pot in your hand, five feet away at the sink. “OH SHIT,” I manage to exclaim a bit too loudly, then proceed to race over to put the pot under the downpour. Can’t actually sit it on the hotplate, however, as that is a deep pool of coffee, waiting to overflow. So, I get to spend the next several minutes holding the pot in place while the coffee brews. Rebecca proclaims that perhaps she shouldn’t distract me while I’m making coffee, and leaves (without any sort of offer of help for my dilemma). Finally, the brewing is done and I manage to grab towels to clean up the coffee spill, but not before having had time for several people to come through in search of coffee. Thankfully, they were mostly too busy to notice my dilemma and when I told them, “Fresh pot is brewing,” they just nodded and wandered off to wait.

Jason Renfroe, however, did not. “What are you… um.. have an accident?” Yes, Mr. Obvious, I am unable to talk and brew coffee at the same time, and now I’m stuck in this predicament, where I am JUST out of reach of the paper towels, and therefore unable to clean up a drop until this coffee stops brewing. He warns me to steer clear of chewing gum today, unless I get into any more predicaments trying to multitask.

Ugh. And now… back to finishing up items on last month’s new sites that have to be done before billing can start, and have to be finished before I can start filling in content on this month’s new sites.

Take me home.


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