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a non-gopher meeting for once…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Thursday, June 19, 2003 at 4:48 pm by flerly.

All employees to the break room, please. All employees to the break room.

Not the best announcement on an afternoon like this.

[16:09] Jason Churchill AIM: la la la where are you?
[16:10] Jason Churchill AIM: oh, your up front in a ‘meeting’ discussing Dean’s immediate lack of employment… hmmmm, I wonder if Camp is breaking a sweat.
[16:24] theflerlyone: Deann, Rebecca and Jan today, but Camp says the layoffs are over for now.
[16:25] Jason Churchill AIM: goddamn, who the hell are they trying to fool… why maintain the lie? everyone knows that their job is worth less than an Iraqi Dinari
[16:25] Jason Churchill AIM: It wouldn’t be so goddamned stupid if they’ed just out and tell the goddamned truth
[16:26] theflerlyone: camp said for now they have negotiated to keep the call center
[16:27] Jason Churchill AIM: what the fuck ever… ‘for now’ is a time reference… and time is relative… ‘for now’ can mean ‘until tomorrow’… it is his way of not being a bald faced liar
[16:27] theflerlyone: he said it was a negotiation.. they had a dollar amount to cut and they got to pick and choose people, positions and salaries
[16:28] Jason Churchill AIM: what ever… I say he’s tiptoeing through the moral tulips
[16:29] theflerlyone: He did say, three times, that me, John Heneger, and James McFarland were shoe-ins and not in danger of being cut.
[16:30] Jason Churchill AIM: well no shit sherlock… that’s a big duh… and I bet it was so totally reassuring to all of the others there
[16:31] theflerlyone: i just thought it was weird, because, yes, it was in front of everyone
[16:31] Jason Churchill AIM: which, in a way, just makes him even more of an ass
[16:31] theflerlyone: he said we’re the technical core of atlanta and they wont cut us, but he told everyone else that even though they’re safe for now, that they should look for something else.
[16:32] Jason Churchill AIM: well, I guess that is a bit more honest
[16:32] theflerlyone: he didn’t come across as an ass. he looked very upset
[16:32] Jason Churchill AIM: and did he mention that there will be no severance for those being layed off?
[16:33] theflerlyone: yes.. and he said he might have made things worse for atlanta by losing his temper with them.. said it brought a spotlight down on us. They fired a total of 33 people in the whole real estate division
[16:33] Jason Churchill AIM: o-kay
[16:34] Jason Churchill AIM: sure, he’s upset, but… he’s not getting hurt by any of this… he’s got his
[16:34] Jason Churchill AIM: and this is what it cost
[16:34] theflerlyone: he said he and lloyd both offered up themselves in place of cutting headcount here and FNIS said no.
[16:34] Jason Churchill AIM: he’s just paying the piper… oh and fucking DUH
[16:35] theflerlyone: he said he and lloyd felt used and lied to and that he was starting to think he was surrounded by idiots up there. and he apologized to all of us for not having the foresight to think this could happen with the buyout
[16:35] Jason Churchill AIM: “Hey, Lynne, we’ve got what we came for, so… fire us before you fire them, pleeease”
[16:37] Jason Churchill AIM: so, I’m getting penny-anny shit like ‘can we move ‘Hobby/Farm’ below ‘Single Family’
[16:38] theflerlyone: i know. i saw that one
[16:38] Jason Churchill AIM: you know, highly important shit
[16:38] theflerlyone: it’s still the shit that piles up
[16:38] theflerlyone: that’s what these 300 reworks here all are. stupid shit
[16:39] Jason Churchill AIM: oh, bullshit, “A site is waiting on that before we can launch it”
[16:39] theflerlyone: well. that’s the hitch… they ARE
[16:40] theflerlyone: it is “launched” but they can’t bill for it… some freaking contract they do now… allows the customer to review the site and present issues that have to be addressed
[16:40] Jason Churchill AIM: well, guess what… I’m fucking with ASC3 code, and I’m not familiar with ASC3 code, so it’s going to take me a while
[16:41] Jason Churchill AIM: btw, i’m not bitching at you, i’m griping about them
[16:45] theflerlyone: i know

[16:55] *** Users currently in conversation:
[16:55] *** williameboyer
[16:33] Kim J: You still going to hawaii for this offer?
[16:55] Bill Boyer: I dunno
[16:55] Bill Boyer: I feel like shit
[16:55] Kim J: when will you be in the office again here?
[16:56] Bill Boyer: I will be in the office tomarrow.
[16:56] Kim J: hey.. if you feel like shit because of layoff stuff here… stop it.
[16:57] Kim J: Everyone here is going to be fine, one way or another. None of this was under your control, and nobody thinks it was but you.
[16:57] Bill Boyer: Would you be still intrested in moving out here?
[16:57] Kim J: did jason tell you what i wanted?
[16:57] Bill Boyer: Your husband to have an offer also
[16:58] Kim J: do you think they could offer him anything?
[16:59] Bill Boyer: Doubtful, I may be able to get you a something but two people at once, I dunno
[16:59] Bill Boyer: But we will see
[16:59] Kim J: don’t sweat over it too much.
[17:00] Kim J: if they won’t… well.. i’ll probably stick around here until here goes away
[17:00] Bill Boyer: Cool beans we will see.


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  1. aoide has made a Comment

    I think with everything going on there and as tough as things are i might rather be gone when I was. Then again getting paid while you look is nice. That just sucks though. = (

    June 19, 2003 @ 10:00 am

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