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Frankie says Relax…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Saturday, June 21, 2003 at 3:41 pm by flerly.

Cheese was an unexpected alternate event… none of the three were in the mood for Mexican on such a sunny hot afternoon, so we hung about the mall and shopped and ate before parting ways early for the evening. Hell, I was home about the usual get off work time. So, I grabbed a book (you know the one) and headed for the Maggie’s Magical Futon Crack of Mystery, where I was sucked in to a reading position that only let me up when I managed to finish HP year 2, so I could hunt down HP year 3 and keep going. Next thing I knew, JT was up and getting ready to leave for work and five hours of my life had zinged by… didn’t feel too bad. As I said, really enjoying these books. Silly me took a break at the end of year 3 last night, at about 1:30ish, to say hi to JT at work, and to get quizzed by Hawaii-boy about “No way you read those books since I talked to you today.” Well, Some laundry is done, most dishes are done, and I’m going on 200 pages into year 4. I’m starting to think I should pause for some of that new fangled television stuff I’ve been hearing about… or god forbid, go outdoors into the sunlight, but damned if all this reading isn’t just so pleasurable.

Anyway.. this short break was really intended to be me getting up for some liquid refreshment, so I’ll shut up now and try to find a new and interesting place to read. Hrm.. perhaps by the pool? Nah.. ewww. sunlight.


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