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I’m being stalked…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Tuesday, June 24, 2003 at 9:50 am by flerly.

No sooner was I visible coming in through the back door before co-workers were narrowing their eyes and shuffling papers menacingly toward me. Yeah, yeah, I read my email at home, I know what’s up already. I hadn’t even turned on the PC yet, and they’re walking over. I’m like, you guys really shouldn’t bother me, I have things to do this morning that are urgent and then I name them. They’re all like.. yeah, well, we didn’t know you knew.

Oh I know. I know everything… Now go away. I have news to impart.

This jig is up… the news is out…
They’ve finally found me

Today is two weeks from the day. Two weeks. This morning I’m greeted by a cc on a mass mailing as well as a personal note from JamesT’s mom… the reason: They know.

JamesT told his Dad & step-mom yesterday and they guilted him into telling his mom, too. So much for the wedding announcement surprise. I’m sure I’ll have comments on some of their reactions, but that’ll have to be later. After the urgent things are taken care of.


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