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Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Thursday, June 26, 2003 at 2:45 pm by flerly.

[13:55] Marc: any word on a “what’s left of our” company wide meeting?
[13:55] Kim J: haven’t heard a thing
[13:56] Marc: is lin still next to you?
[13:56] Kim J: his laptop is here but his lap is not
[13:57] Marc: hmmmm, guess he is plotting our ultimate demise
[13:57] Kim J: i hear camp laughing loudly from his office.. perhaps there is a little good-ole-boy meeting going on right now
[13:58] Marc: i don’t think camp is too fond of the upper management
[13:58] Kim J: that’s obvious
[13:59] Marc: i guess we will wait until 4 to see what happens
[13:59] Kim J: probably. i think lin’s been sitting here all morning just emailing
[13:59] Kim J: although, before i left to get food, i heard him ask who’s phone he should use
[14:00] Marc: i think he was playing Phantasy Star Online
[14:00] Kim J: checking his Yahoo Personals listing out…
[14:01] Marc: +o(

Am I dressed up or is my car just cool?

I cruise up, sunglasses on, sunroof tilted up, music going… pile out, and head toward the back door to work. Two fairly attractive guys from the office next door are taking a smoke break outside their back door.

“Morning!” they yell. “Don’t suppose you left the keys in that so we could take it for a fun spin around the block?”

“It’s not that fun,” I tell them. “It’s an automatic, afterall.”

“Awww.. I bet it’s still fun.” They smile. I close the backdoor behind me.

Um.. yeah. Cool.

Note to WORLD: any time you want to have a total stranger flirt me with, go right ahead, so long as it is that brief and cool. I can use all the little self-esteem boosts I can get.


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  1. aoide has made a Comment

    So now do you believe what we have been telling you about you being hot?!?! School girl outfit here you come!!!

    June 26, 2003 @ 7:41 am

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