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One bullet. One kill. One thousand yards.

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Sunday, June 29, 2003 at 2:58 pm by flerly.

Like a marine sniper, FNIS has taken out Comsuck, without ever having to show their face. No enemy to look in the eye. No real warning. Sure, it’s a war, and we’ve known casualties were coming, but we didn’t think we’d be getting the shot to the head from such a stealthy distance. I want to write all about us on fuckedcompany.com.

It’s Sunday, and I’ve been at work for nearly 3 hours now. I’m not really sure why I’m here, other than I feel like if I don’t keep going I’m going to let other people down… and I don’t mean Happy Camper. I came in today to finish Marc’s new site list, because Friday when I decided to walk out, he didn’t argue with me. He just said, “please let me know what of mine you don’t finish, and I will try to work on them myself.” I might also do Vidya’s new site list, because she’s been really nice, helpful, and understanding lately, herself. I don’t want my not finishing some of my responsibilities to cause either of them to lose their job even faster than they might already be losing it. Supposedly we’re set thru August, but what happens if on July 1 we didn’t come near our numbers and FNIS decides to call out the sniper for a few early kills. It wouldn’t really be my fault, but if I contributed to it.. then.. well.. that would weigh on me.

I was surprised at the folks in the office today. We’ve already had a good gripefest about what’s going on with the company, and it’s not even Monday. It was interesting to hear account management’s point of view on this, since I don’t usually hang out with them. Things are happening that I might be able to get in on, if I end up sticking it out. Billy hinted at it, and thanks to Bobby I have the rest of the details. It could be a really good thing.

Good thing or not.. sticking it out or not… June numbers or not… I’m taking 99% of my personal effects home today.


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