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Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Wednesday, July 31, 2002 at 10:41 am by flerly.

AFTER the horrible driving experience, I had decided ‘s suggestion of Sushi for the evening sounded right up my alley. I lived, thus I should be rewarded with sushi. But, when I actually got home, I discovered the men-folks had decided to use the home gym for the evening. So, thinking that sounded pretty good, too, I tried to join in… but “three people is just too many for the rotation”… so the lovely and talented girlblah consented to partner with me after the men-folk were done. It was getting very late, and I thought we may have missed the window for sushi, but we were saved when they allowed us to place an order by phone at 9:30 so long as we picked it up before 10. Yes! So, the sushi was had and much enjoyed.

After a couple eps of Daria ( I still can’t believe I’m watching a show on Nogin), I decided some XML studying was in order, and went to make coffee and read. Well, at some point, which I don’t recall the time, I remember pulling the cord on the lamp and thinking “must sleep now..” with every intention of changing and going to bed. But, again, I woke up this morning finding myself still in my clothes, still on top of the covers, yet again. Never even heard the man come to bed. Jeez, all that staying up this week to watch movies and have singalongs totally caught up with me again.

Anyway.. this post is really in protest to the form I had to sign this morning going over our new management’s policy on proper internet usage. As says, it’s typical stuff… they reserve the right to read all emails, even if you’ve deleted them. the use of any password to access anything from your pc is not secure. no message boards, no chat room access, no chat clients, no saving of audio or video files to your pc, no installation of any software including screensavers… yatta yatta. Boring.

Let’s see.. I use “unauthorized software” everyday for 99.9% of my time on this pc, including doing my work, since they have yet to buy the actual software I need… so, if they come down on me for chatting, I’ll just do a massive uninstall of ALL unauthorized software, then I can sit around with my thumb up my ass all day, trying to program in notepad.


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