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Halloween crossovers…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Thursday, October 31, 2002 at 10:03 am by flerly.

As Amidala walked from her chariot into the back door of her place of business for the day, wondering how exactly to make her boxy black leather purse work with her white combat fatigues, she casually greets the vampire taking a smoke break leaned against the back of the building. Opening the back door into the darkened storage area, she looks up to find Michael Myers silhouetted in the far doorway. He is standing too still, menacing, with a long, shiny knife held ready in his hand. It brings back horrible childhood memories of all those Halloweens spent as a child watching horror movies while eating the sweet rewards of a successful trick-or-treating trip.

Lucky for Amidala, she had her blaster pistol handy. She pulled it, and fired, displaying it’s authentic laser sounds.

At last Michael broke from his frozen stance, cocked his head and said, “Hey! I recognize you! You’re that chick from Star Wars!”

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