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— on December 31st, in honor of the new year, Jason changed his underwear —

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Tuesday, December 31, 2002 at 11:26 am by flerly.

Interactions with others are precious today, although they are apt to be on the wild side, dear Scorpio. Your actions and emotions may be coming from a primal place within you, making you act and react with raw animal instincts. You may find yourself slipping into fanciful scenarios and curious role-playing in which people take on a persona that is not quite themselves. Words may have an extra amount of bite to them, so be careful how you use them.

Yeah.. uhuh. Primal. I’m primal today. Lookout. fancifal scenarios and curious role-playing … um.. I think that describes the typical dreams I have every night… I mean…

Shutting up.

Him: Look what I have again today (holds up an O-ring from his car, which he showed me yesterday)
Him: Know why I still have it?
Me: I dunno, because you wore the same pants as yesterday and you left it in your pocket?
Him: (surprised) Holy cow! How did you know these were the same pants? Did you really pay that close attention? Jeez.
Me: I was kidding. Are those seriously the same pants?
Him: no, they aren’t the ‘same’, I’m sure there are differences in these pants between when I wore them yesterday and now that I’m wearing them today. Perhaps a spec of kool-aid, or a few more dead skin cells.
Him: but, i did change my underwear! There’s a quote for you
Him: — on December 31st, in honor of the new year, jason changed his underwear —
Me: That’s nice. When do you bathe?
Me: easter?
Him: no, i get clean by swimming in lake lanier during the summer thyme.

Well, this post has taken all day.

For those concerned, know that… I finally explained to Jason why I called him as ass a couple weeks ago just to get him off my back about it.

And for those concerned, know we’re “officially” closing at 3pm today for the holiday. w00t. BUT I can’t leave until I finish this thing, so I’m shutting up now.


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