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Some LJ worthy work distractions….

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Thursday, January 30, 2003 at 2:34 pm by flerly.

Greg has a spare cubicle wall set up across the usual opening to his door so that you can’t even see him sitting in there. Theoretically it was to get people to leave him alone, but it seems to be causing everyone to stop and ask him what it’s there for.

Kim Johnson: What’s up with greg’s extra wall?
Jason Churchill: oh, that’s just greg, he’s always putting up walls
he’s afraid that people might find out who the ‘real’ greg is

Shortly after that I overheard marc tell a customer, “not to worry, we’ll whip up something in Flash based on the themes you told me. that’s no problem”

Um.. our policy is to discourage use of Flash intros on sites… or so I thought.


And last but not least, I just got spam informing me that Elton John will be playing the Tabernacle next month for charity. General Admission, $75. Ack.. I’ve always wanted to see him live, but I don’t anticipate ever shelling out that kinda dough to do it. Wouldn’t that be the best little venue to see him, though. Oh well.


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