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what are my friends doing?

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Saturday, May 31, 2003 at 7:58 pm by flerly.

Since i got home last night, I have watched the entire series of Sports Night on dvd. It is very… comfortable, I guess… to plant yourself in front of the tv. When I finished it, I ventured out to rent Star Trek: Nemesis, which I’d somehow missed, despite my love for Star Trek. I’ve heard bad things about it. I’ve heard there are things that contradict the novels. I’ve put it off this long… might as well watch it. Nothing better to do.

I am the epitome of slacker. I am a lump on a couch. I intend to keep it up for bit longer.

While I was out, I was a menace. I’m a distracted driver, but by what I have no idea. I cursed out loud (read: muttered like a bitter fool) in the parking lot of the blockbuster. As I parked to go in, there was a lovely top-down convertible BMW in the prime handicap spot. I made a show of looking for the handicapped plate or sticker and of how much better that spot was than the four other empty regular parking spots around it. On the way out, I cussed the mini-van that pulled into that same (now-empty) prime handicap parking space, with still three empty spots beside it. No sticker. No special plate. The woman hopped out still talking on her cell phone, and I had no problem saying loudly out my open window that she looked remarkably well for a handicapped person in need of a close parking space. She wasn’t amused, but she didn’t move her car. I didn’t really care. I’m just bitter that way and enjoy the angry muttering to myself.

I also got Ghost Ship. It should suck, but… it’s something to do. JamesT will be asleep right up until work tonight. Maggie is MIA, again. We don’t talk, apparently. And why should we, I’m a menace.

I don’t want to talk. I want to eat chocolate, sip soda, and sit like a lump on a couch letting distracting videos make the time pass without my having to think. I think I’ll get on with that.


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