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Kaboom, Kaboom…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Sunday, August 31, 2003 at 10:32 am by flerly.

Well, it’s well after 10am. The bikers hit the road early, so they’re well on their way to the winding roads for the day. The sky here has darkened, though, with the kaboom of thunder going on… even though weather.com says it’s all north of us. Hrm.. weren’t the bikers going north?

Oh well. The Chamber was fun last night. Not too crowded with Dragoncon going on I guess. The very slight urge to blow $30 for the day and go down for my last chance to see James Marsters in person is tempting, but I think I’m going to restrain myself. Let me just say for the record, no matter how “cool” your pants are, it’s too freaking hot to wear them to the Chamber. Remember that, self.

Woke up today craving meatloaf again.. how weird is that? That’s not normal. Lazy me went to Boston Market for theirs the last time this happened, but found it less than enjoyable. So, what the hell, still in pajamas, well before official lunch hour (who cares, i’ve got the house to myself) I decided to whip up my own homemade meatloaf, and i have to say 45 minutes cooking later it sure smells good. Go me.

Today… *sigh*… I dunno. Leisure time. Maybe some Trading Spaces, maybe some shopping. And I guess there is still the option of checking out the last night of parties at Con this year later tonight, possibly with JamesT. I keep telling him he needs to go over there at least once and see the folks in costume.

Oh well. Can no longer resist the smell. Must go…


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