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Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Wednesday, December 31, 2003 at 2:40 pm by flerly.

All the world needs today is “special” hot chocolate, made extra special with some whipped cream, twelve commercial-free episodes of Firefly playing conveniently on my desk, and for our Q/C department to stop trying to report defects on sites I’m currently working on. This site is missing graphics… gosh, gee, golly.. it must be because I haven’t uploaded them yet. Why the heck are you looking at this site? Moreover, what part of your brain, when you NOTICED it had no graphics, decided this was a finished site that needed a complete Q/C. It is not clear where to click without graphics. Some links just seem to reload the page. The banner image is missing on internal pages. Hi, yeah, these are all symptoms of missing graphics and/or an incomplete site. I think Firefly has an appropriate quote for this situation: “Sir, you seem to have a problem with your brain being missing.”

*sigh* On top of me being slow, it seems a couple of servers are backed up and had to be rebooted. Several of yesterday changes are now lost. Whoopee.

MMm…why didn’t I try the special hot chocolate earlier? Wonder if things are back up yet. La la la. Guess I’ll go check.


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