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This is my yeah-right face…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Wednesday, February 25, 2004 at 7:21 pm by flerly.

So, it’s mid-week and time for the usual weekend what’s going on spam… it’s been coming in all day, but I just got around to flipping through. This surprised me, considering as you may recall, our account of the ghei music at eleven50 where we got in free last Friday night.

Word has definitely gotten out about eleven50’s new Friday night party “SUCIA”! Week after week the party only gets bigger and better with the most eclectic crowd you will find in the city.

Be prepared to expect the unexpected because you will never know who your going to run into….Everyone was doing “double takes” last week when GWEN STEFANI of No Doubt showed up unannounced just to get down with SUCIA’s resident DJ: Ruckus!

We sure as hell didn’t see her, not that we stayed long, but damn… I’m sure it went down more like: Gwen Stefani shows up, realizes how bad the music is sucking, jumps on-stage to kick DJ Ruckus’ ass, then flashes boobs. That’s about the only way the party could have gotten better there.


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