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Neither rain, nor sleet, nor dark of night, nor… whatever… how does it go?

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Thursday, August 31, 2006 at 3:39 pm by flerly.

No, I’m not talking about postmen. I’m talking about the fabulous work ethic of the crew that Broadstone of Dunwoody has hired to paint all the trim on the outside of all their apartment buildings. Take today, for instance, it’s raining and they are painting trim. This seems brilliant to me.

What’s more brilliant is that Broadstone gave no notice of this. No warning that at say, 8am this morning, someone with a ladder would be climbing onto our 3rd floor porch, which attaches to our bedroom and bathroom, peeking in the windows to say good morning to us as we shower and get ready for work. No warning to, say, block the pet door or move things away from the railing on the balconies so they could paint them and not have kitty prints, or white paint tracked into the house. No warning to, say, take down decorative items that might be attached to such trim areas, as in my thermometer, which I found removed and tossed into the bushes (but, hey, at least I found it!).

I think it might just be time to give our dear Broadstone a little payback gift in the form of a bunch of CRAP we’ve had sitting around here that needs to be hauled off. Even though we DID get a notice for residents to please stop leaving items beside the dumpster, I think we’ll just pretend we didn’t get it, just like we didn’t get any other useful notices.

Yup, old chair, old futon mattress, old tv, broken fans, and a half dozen boxes we may neglect to break down. Hell, I wish we could just carry that washer and dryer in the garage on out there. Have fun with that, Broadstone! BTW, thanks for finally finishing the work on all the pools in time for Labor Day weekend! Can’t wait to see you all and “meet our neighbors” at the grand opening party for the “Internet cafe” tonight. You know, those neighbors who don’t know what parking spaces are, and who made you guys decide you needed to hire a security/courtesy officer to be on the grounds 24/7/365. Won’t that be fun!


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