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a breather

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Thursday, September 28, 2006 at 8:09 pm by flerly.

All I have wanted to do today is get in the car and head to mom’s. It was supposed to be the plan, but alas, the world and my own addled-brain have conspired against me. I spent so much time being distracted today that I still have four big work things to finish… maybe five. One of those was actually the first thing I started on today, a logo design project that I found out about yesterday. It’s one of those “We just want to see some options to get an idea of what direction we want to go. We don’t really have any direction right now.” With a lot of time to put into it, those are fun. With today only to put into it, this sucks. My head asplode.

I haven’t done laundry, I haven’t finished work, I haven’t packed….

I have talked on the phone, fixed my erased voice mail greeting, deleted 34 messages in the work mailbox, replied to emails, built a website to announce Maggie’s party to her, made my bank deposit, cleaned the kitchen, updated my wishlists, and downloaded two audiobooks to listen to on my road trip to mom’s… Urban Shaman, C. E. Murphy and My Kind of Place, Susan Orlean.

The Notebook, loaned to me by JT’s Grandmother, was a quick read, and a lot less emotional to read than the movie was to watch, IMO. Has anyone read any other Nick Sparks? It seems they have a lot of his work on audible, but I didn’t really want to run the risk of picking a tear-jerker to be my road-trip entertainment. Hard to drive through tears.

I’ve also done a lot of fretting today, manically refreshing evite pages. What a loser.

This is just a quick chronicle of my horrible procrastination done as I digest dinner. I must get back and finish this work NOW.


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