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Slow down brain, a schedule

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Thursday, May 31, 2007 at 9:17 pm by flerly.

Already scheduled in June:

June 5th – Tool concert, 8pm Greenville with Marc & Jen
June 9th – JT’s mom’s bday – Chattavegas day trip
June 15th – Feist (& El Myr?) – Maggie, I owe you $20
June 16th – some kind of hanging out with Ben & Maggie?
June 17th – Father’s Day – Chattavegas day trip
June 22ndNew Loan Closing!!!
June 23-24 – Painting, wiring, working on new house!
June 29-July 7th – Moving, vacation, unpacking!
July 10th – Last day in Dunwoody Apartment

Still need to schedule in June:

Prorated July Rent – Find out amount so we can pay before Ala trip.
Moving truck – Budget Truck for July 1st?
Alarm System install –
Countertop Measurement & Install –
Comcast install –
Utils transfer – Electricity/Gas/Water
Trash Pickup?
Declaw Kitty!!! Softpaws are bad, umkay. Well, for Kitty.
Forward Mail
Brad moving? Going to TX for stuff?
Brad & JT road trip?

Did I miss anything?


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