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Our Stupid Apartments

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Thursday, June 21, 2007 at 1:25 pm by flerly.

For the record, though I like this complex and it’s location very much, I cannot ever recommend Broadstone of Dunwoody to anybody for their supremely retarded customer service. The personnel in the office are barely trained, if trained at all, and apparently the only qualifications for working there are the ability to adhere to a dress code (read: pin on a name badge) and to drive a golf cart.

So, not getting that return call from the office, I went down there in person today to talk about staying longer into July for Brad. I happen to talk to the very same girl that I previously talked to when I handed in our letter of notice. I know this because when I told her my name, she goes all spacey for a second and says “Oh, I dated a Thornton for a while. That was a nice time. He was from Australia.” — something about those Aussie guys, I think, recalling the Coupling storyline about Susan’s former trip there. This time when the chick does this, I say, “Yes, I know. You told me that last time when I was turning in my notice.” She looks somewhat embarrassed and says, “I bet I said that same exact thing before.” She did.

SO, weird small talk over, she pulls up our account. Apparently they think we’re due to be out on June 29th, which is the actual end date of our lease. They don’t seem to have a record of when we gave notice, just that we did not intend to renew, and as such, instead of 60 days, we just leave at the end of our lease.

Firstly, I mention that it was THEM who told us that we had to pay out 60 days even if it went past our lease term, and that we had thus planned our move accordingly to happen over the first week of July. I reminded her that we DID give notice, to HER personally, in written form, and at that time we figured out the 60-days date and agreed upon it. July 10th.

Then, I mentioned that I was actually down there today to see about extending that another 12 days, telling her something about a complication with getting our internet service at the new house and me hoping to be able to leave my office set up there for a bit longer… my story since Brad isn’t actually on the lease.

Now she’s really giving me a look. As if “extending” through July 10th isn’t going to be a big enough hassle, now I want through July 22nd?

First she tells me that the unit has been “pre-leased” for August (including a spiel about how they now “pre-lease to improve their numbers”, whatever that means) and that prior to that move-in date there is a crew for remodeling scheduled and new carpets. She told me we probably wouldn’t have a problem with moving out over the weekend after the 29th, since it was a Friday, but that they would probably have people in that next week to scope out the remodel. I mentioned that the first week happens to be 4th of July week, and she said that may mean they weren’t coming until the next week, but she couldn’t be sure.

Thus, when I left the office this morning, it was with the information that we needed to be out by July 1st, thankfully our actual planned furniture moving date, but COMPLETELY out not just “furniture moved with time to clean or whatever”. I left her my cell number so she could confirm about us staying at least through the first week, and she said with the holiday that I might be lucky.

This time, I did get a call, before I was even home from running my errands today. Yes, we could stay the first week, but I needed to come back to the office and sign a letter asking for an extension. That I have now done, though this being another written letter, who the hell knows what they’ll do with it. The same girl was in charge of it, so it’ll probably be trashed or whatever, too.

BUT, she did this time hand me a piece of paper with the July pro-rated rent calculated on it, through the 8th, so maybe that is something.

One. More. Day.


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