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Did I mention <i>Thank you!</i>

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Tuesday, June 19, 2007 at 3:37 pm by flerly.

House accomplishments today:
– Talked to contractor who will be installing countertops, met him at the house, Realtor let us in, got lots of info & tips and a really good vibe. We are happy!
– Talked to underwriter who provided our Settlement Statement and final numbers for the amount to bring to closing. It’s less than I feared. We are happy!
– Talked to Comcast about the big install which was such the ordeal for them to plan “so far in advance” — 3 weeks — and we are all good for our install date, except they can’t tell me what our new phone number will be until that day. We are mediocre to happy!
– Talked to an idiot at the apartment office who has promised me a call back from someone who actually has the authority to talk to me about the possibility of extending our time here from July 10 to July 22 so Brad won’t have to move twice. She wasn’t enthusiastic, as she told me that they might have already scheduled workers to come in for the updating, but couldn’t tell me herself. We are… not suprised!
– Finally got my “special” packing materials, so I could properly pack and store my 45s and 33s. Packed and done. We are happy!

Three more days!


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