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Many Things … who can be bothered to think of good titles.

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Monday, July 30, 2007 at 5:33 pm by flerly.

If there is a contest for least motivation in a human being, I want someone to enter me. I have the sleeping sickness again. It’s all I want to do. Maybe, I’m a vampire, and sunlight makes me sleepy. I wake up a little at night, but no, actually, night makes me sleepy, too.

Actually, it’s more that I want to do anything at all but what I need to be doing. Anything. Work is very unmotivating, to downright frustrating. They’re trying to throw additional contracts at me, but I just don’t want to be doing them. Right now I would very much like a mindless assembly line job where I just show up and do some repetitive task until the whistle blows. I’m tired of using my brain, and actually I think it might be all worn out.

Our house is, well, looking like a house. There are still boxes. There will always be boxes. We will make some attempt to at least relocate the boxes to less obvious places at some point.

I need at least a solid week, and perhaps 3 or 4 underpaid immigrant workers, to help me sort out my many storage bags of clothing, shoes, jackets, blah blah blah and make it fit into the closet in such a way that I can find anything when I need it. Maybe the answer is just to burn it all and give up ever changing clothes again. Which reminds me, we need a fire extinguisher or two around here. Guess I’ll wait on the clothes burning until we get one.

Kitty is a new new cat. From “that little clawing bitch” to “she only likes us” to “she likes people except when Motley is around” to “a total sweetie who wants attention, begs to be held and pet by anybody, happy cat.” It’s a little weird, but she’s definitely happier without Motley around, and our house certainly smells better. The plastic is safely off the furniture. It’s kinda cool.

Everytime we get two dimes to rub together, we spent at least one and a half of them on something for the house. The list of things we “need” for the house seems to grow longer every time we buy something from it. I think we’re doing something wrong.

We thought we were doing a good deed the other night when we whipped out my jumper cables to help a nice young lady and her mother jump start her car from the Sonic. Turns out, her battery seems to have been installed incorrectly, with the cables connected to the wrong poles. When JT touched it with the cable, big spark…. my battery light came on… no jumpy-starty. She was on the phone calling for other help, but we still hated to leave them there. As it turns out, that probably caused my car’s freak out this morning. It seems to have charged back up okay. Frantic-automatic-doorlock-clicking sound hasn’t resumed, that I know of. The little devil may live to transport me another day.

Next time I get two dimes to rub together, I’m paying for my next bootcamp. Or maybe sending a payment off on our alarm system install. That might be good, too.

Last night we were happy to experience the joy of living “just six miles” from friends, with a nice impromptu dinner and some Guitar Hero. It was good.


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