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Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Wednesday, August 29, 2007 at 10:50 am by flerly.

Just taking a moment to post that I’d enjoyed finally finishing the actual Career games on Guitar Hero 2 and 80s on hard, to get the dough and new guitar choice, but I wish I’d seen www.scorehero.com ages ago. I guess I’ll have it there for expert, when I tackle those. Meanwhile, we are enjoying getting 5-stars on all the co-op songs right now. I get really frustrated with it, but I do not get tired of playing Guitar Hero.

Also, better late than never, I now have a new car battery, so that days like yesterday don’t happen to me again. Perhaps I should have gotten a Battery Brain, too, though. >> www.batterybrain.com It’s nifty.

Now, must STOP being distracted by music from Last.fm and get some work done. I’m behind on audiobooks, so I think it’s time to switch back to that and see if I can dig out of this pile of work that needs to be finished this week.

Oh, and… just a note. Had a night full of sTrAnGe dreams about DragonCon. Very odd.

PS: I probably should mention two more things so I don’t forget. 1) The first incident of me leaving a stove eye on because the indicator light for it was out happened yesterday evening. Fun fun. 2) We’re attempting to teach kitty to go outside on a leash, if for no other reason than to try to get her over this crazy running-out-the-of-the-house thing.


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