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Few things to report

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Wednesday, October 31, 2007 at 11:49 am by flerly.

1) No Smashing Pumpkins after all. Now we’re just waiting to hear their drummer is okay to continue the tour, then hope for some decent rescheduled dates.

2) JT drove up last night to be with his family for his grandfather’s surgery. Other than he arrived okay, I’ve heard no word yet. I don’t really even know what time the surgery is. Here’s hoping no news is good news. Edit: All seems well. Grandfather is in SICU until later tonight, so no visitors until later. JT wants to stay and see him, so he’ll be home late late.

3) Voice mail from the *stranged brother on Sunday wishing me a happy belated birthday. Mom says he told her his wife moved out on him again Saturday night, so by Sunday morning he was calling mom to see if she wanted to take a road trip with him and his daughter to look at leaves and visit Asheville for the day. She didn’t go, but the info sure explains why I finally get a phone call again.

4) Looks like the “boss” is enjoying ownership of the bar up in Canton a bit too much. He seems to have gotten a DUI, which included totaling his truck, while I was gone last week. Looks like they could use my DD services.

5) Tomorrow we have a second day of meetings up at the office, neither of which is related to real estate customer projects, so I’m happy.

6) Happy Anniversary Ben & Maggie!


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