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Day Eleven – Stone Mtn

Posted in Crazy Wisdom,Workout on Monday, March 31, 2008 at 11:33 am by flerly.

James goes solo, today, as a weekend of increasing pain on my ankle prompts me to stay off of it. I suspected as the start of a new session, today would be beginner fitness evals, hence another mile run, and James says I was right.

The mile run this time, however, instead of laps, he did from our parking lot up old Hugh Howell Rd. to the police station and back, which per JamesT meant a long uphill on the way back. As such, his time was up from Friday by about a minute.

Apparently only about 30 folks have joined the morning class. James said there was another guy there this morning to help with all the paperwork, but still just the one instructor.

Likely, I won’t go again tomorrow morning, but we’ll see about Wednesday… especially if that is abs day.

From the symptoms, my ankle pain is likely a stress fracture, and there’s nothing to do but stop impacting it — stay off it. I recorded a couple hours of FitTV this morning that said it was all floor work for abs & butt and an hour of stretching, which I plan to do this afternoon. I was thinking of just walking on the treadmill a while this morning, but just a little walking around the house this morning wasn’t feeling too good. It feels loads better than it did Saturday night, before I gave in and admitted it really was swollen and iced it.

Just started out too much too fast for my out-of-shape self, I guess.


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