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Explosive News!

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Monday, June 23, 2008 at 3:57 pm by flerly.

Aka news about fireworks, and vicariously about the party next week! Talked to sis today for what has become our regular call to go over party stuff, and she tells me that Pete is “calling every county around to invite people to the fireworks show.” As in, inviting VIPs from surrounding cities and counties to come see what we can do for a holiday show, and potentially get some bids to do shows.

I may have mentioned before that we already have several pending shows from people who saw the wedding shoot we did in May, including a request for a fireworks show for New Years Eve. Now, apparently, just based on his phone calls, we have another town wanting us to put in a bid to do their New Years Eve fireworks. I’m thinking, gah… he really wants to do this for a living to be inviting so many people. I say as much to my sis, and she agrees. I tell her that perhaps she ought to beat him about the head and neck and take away his phone. She just laughs.

As it turns out, he is standing right there. I can hear him saying “We need more tubes! Tell James we need more tubes!” Then sis tells me that he’s already mentioned to her that James and I might be firing one show while he and she fire the other one on New Years Eve if we get both jobs. She is laughing as she tells me, and I know she’s as not interested in actually standing around with a torch in the midst of the kabooms as I am. We like our hair. We like our ability to hear. We are not our crazy husbands. Of course, we also both know we’ll do it if they ask us.

Already, from our last weekend visit over, we got word that the Mississippi guy who was orignally mentoring them in the fireworks business might be looking to retire, and might be willing to let them buy some of his regular yearly gigs from him, which for all I know already includes a New Years show someplace in Mississippi. And well, if we do that, then I guess after this years party, we can guarantee that we’re going to be traveling and working our butts off for Independence Day in the future.

Joy? =)


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