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Little update

Posted in Workout on Thursday, April 30, 2009 at 3:22 pm by flerly.

I feel almost human today. Peeling like mad, but at least most of my back doesn't hurt so bad to touch. Managed to do pushups and squats easy enough yesterday, but situps were a challenge. Tried doing a set on the balance ball, but even with my feet wedged under the couch, couldn't really get stable enough to do a full situp, just crunches.

Today is an offday on the 100/200/200 program, but I did at least just spend an hour (well sunsceened) mowing the lawn. If I can get my checklist for work completed today (on my last real day before we say 'fuck it' and just head on up to Chattanooga) then maybe I'll jog tonight on the treadmill.


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