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Must be nerves, and what I could get if I had all that money back…

Posted in Project 40 on Sunday, January 31, 2010 at 9:56 pm by flerly.

It’s just after 8pm on the last day of January, 2010, and my stomach is twitchy wondering what ominous thing tomorrow morning will bring. Of course, I sat so still yesterday at my desk for a total of about 10 hours — working, playing, trying to get ahead on a Saturday home alone — that I was beyond sore last night when I lay down. The slightest twist brought on major cramping down my sides. So far the resolution to “move more” seems to only be on regular work days, and not fanatical-computer-devotee-weekend-bender days. I did, at least, manage to do some household chores today to break up the fanatical-computer-screen-staring.

It occurs to me that I really miss going dancing. *Calls up a last.fm “club dance” tag radio.* Yeah, this music is not suited for sitting on a ridiculous balance-ball chair at your desk.

Speaking of ridiculous balance-ball chairs — which was supposed to keep me from sitting still all day and force me to sit-up more, improving my posture — I got to thinking last night about all the money I’ve put into various fitness trends over the years. How can any person have so much fitness equipment and still look for the next thing? Probably because they’re fresh out of stock on motivation. Wonder who sells that? Oh well, if you need a treadmill, elliptical machine, aerobics step, yoga mat, entire shelf of hand-weights, jump rope, ankle weights, thigh-master, workout bands, or balance balls (I have two) I’ve got you covered, along with a crate of workout DVDs, their older VHS cousins, 6 versions of Dance Dance revolution, Yourself! Fitness for ps2, Wii Fit with Biggest Loser for some incentive to use the gear. I’ve also got workout clothes in a range of sizes for a variety of activities… oh, and the birthday bicycle that I think made one trip outdoors in 2009 — though it was a long one.

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