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Back on the road…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Monday, December 29, 2008 at 3:59 pm by flerly.

Christmas v2.0 went fine. Chattanooga was thoroughly visited, presents were given and received, and James even managed to squeeze in a mini-high-school reunion gathering Friday night, which me and his fam crashed to drink and shoot pool. Things Chattanooga way are a little sad, but that was expected. It was the first Christmas since James’ step-dad’s dad died, and with no living parents, that branch of the fam didn’t find the will to have their usual big gathering. James’ mom and step-dad did go over to visit them and drop off some gifts, but James himself expressed disapointment that he already only ever got to catch up with those folks once a year, and now that tradition seems to have ended.

On his mom’s side, his grandparents are both full of health complaints, and likely won’t be doing much travel in the future. I’m glad they got to see our house once, and that they made it to Alabama last summer to finally meet mom. James’ aunt Iris has moved back in with them in her transition back to town, and while she looks for work, but it seems she might not look for her own place afterall, since they seem to be benefiting from having someone living with them to help out.

This was also Jen’s first Christmas solo, and I guess the separation is underway, with a year required before they can divorce. She expressed how nervous she was to be visiting the family after all her drama, and was afraid we’d all be mad at her just because we all like Marc. None of us have to live with him, though, and we all support her on her road to happiness however she may have to get there.

I didn’t spend much time with James’ dad’s side of the family this visit, other than some time Christmas morning, and even then his Aunt Mary was too sick to join us. I think Noah was suitably spoiled by Santa, though he was grown-up enough to wait for us to arrive before opening presents Christmas morning and not complain. James’ Dad and Noah will be coming down to Alabama to help set up the New Years eve fireworks show, or rather his Dad will help. Noah will likely get stuck playing games with GNI, pending they managed to extend her visit.

If we didn’t need to check on Kitty, and if I didn’t have work issues, including needing to pick up my paycheck, we probably would have just headed on to Alabama to see my family and start on the fireworks prep, but instead we came back to Atlanta for a couple days. It is always nice to get to sleep in our own bed again after a trip to Chattanooga with the “Worst Waterbed on EarthTM“. So, today including some random work nonsense, we’ve been doing laundry and packing for a cold New Years eve working outside.

Not really sure what the post-New Years fireworks plan is. I guess there might be some drinking and carousing at the house afterward, if we’re not all just exhausted from the clean-up. Next day we will have to walk the site by daylight and make sure it’s all taken care of. Neither James or I have to work Friday, so I guess we’ll figure out our schedule as we can. We likely won’t head back until at least Saturday, or if they have worked out to extend Ivy’s ticket, we’ll likely be heading back to coincide dropping her off at the Birmingham airport, probably Sunday. The frewtnut niece and her hubby should be on their way home today, though.

Anywho… long gone are the days of just enjoying the holidays, as we continue to endeavor to put on these firework shows. The cabin getaway with Kit & Bob the following weekend should be just the nice, no-brainer break that could use after all this travel and work. For those of you lucky enough to just “enjoy” New Year’s eve at some party, perhaps with a tasty beverage, and with or without fireworks, know I envy you and also wish you well. Drive safe and we’ll see you next year!

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