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Isn’t that just how things go

Posted in caregiver on Thursday, October 21, 2021 at 11:56 pm by flerly.

I’d just summed up how we ended up as caregivers, from mom’s fall and subsequent broken leg. Little did I know I was writing about it on the very day she would fall again and break a bone.

Non-displaced fracture of her femur at the hip joint. Surgery required. Dementia patients on pain medication and after being put to sleep can be extra confused, so yes please, bring on the professionals. Suggestion for best recovery is rehab center for 21 days, but just when you are considering where is best your options may be limited by two positive COVID 19 tests.

Surgeon said some rehabs may have a quarantine area for her rehab, but he also said they’d have her up tomorrow on that leg/hip, so what do surgeons know. Unbelievable!

Meanwhile, our home tests are negative for hubby and myself so far, so hopefully she is a false positive. Or she got it at the ER yesterday perhaps…

Part of me is so worried that 21 days of rehab in isolated would be unrecoverable from a dementia standpoint. She will walk, but will she know us.

The alternative, home health and rehab, less likely to be optimal results, but more likely to remember us I guess. Though she may remember us as evil jerks who made her do rehab at home.


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