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Wherein I tell myself it’s okay… it’s the first week.

Posted in Project 40 on Thursday, February 4, 2010 at 4:58 pm by flerly.

Tired of being tired, sore as all get out, yet realizing a great cure for soreness is activity, today I snoozed right out of my early workout. Reset my phone alarm for 7:30, thinking I’d try to do something before work, and of course, snoozed right past that, too.

My head is so much clearer today. I was still sort of yawning and groggy at first, but that didn’t last more than any other typical “just got up” grogginess. Did finally get around to doing a half-hour on the treadmill over lunch, and it did help the continued leg soreness. Clearly I needed to catch up on sleep, so I’m not going to fault myself this morning’s weakness. I honestly¬†haven’t even really dwelled on it today, as I’ve been so productive finishing up some much needed work items.

It is week one, sure.¬†Still doing well on eating, or so I think at least. There’s no bootcamp tomorrow morning, but that doesn’t mean I can’t attempt to get right back on it and do my own thing at the scheduled time. Maybe even over the weekend, I mean, a Friday, Saturday, Sunday seems like a great time to work on getting my sleep schedule handled.

Anywho, no use beating myself up over today. It’s just a day, put it aside and move on to tomorrow.


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